Be well, be swell

The Tonic is for those aspiring to lead more balanced lives, but who (with jobs and schedules and social lives) cannot dedicate all their time to that pursuit.

Only a few years ago, 'paleo' referred only to an era, not a way of living, and only ballerinas hung out at barres. The wellness industry is in full swing and on this site you'll find recommendations that range from the sage to the simple, and from the indulgent to those that are easy to integrate into your life. We sample everything from the freshest organic produce, and incredible, responsibly-created products, to getaways that restore and revive, warm yoga studios that take you away from city grit, and everything in between that will light you up like the sun. The Tonic aims to build a community that is powered by curiosity and engagement, working with people and brands to create a reliable resource for those who are interested in food, in travel, in energy, movement, meditation, daily rituals and more.


Your body and mood are the ultimate investment, and we're committed to feeling our most vibrant, without preaching deprivation or sacrificing the bits that juice up our days. We're developing an outsize appetite for food, and for eating adventurously, for pleasure as well as vibrancy. Here the focus is on simple, seasonal, and delicious food; bright, bold flavours, and creative cocktails. The Tonic believes in simplicity (especially on its plate), and champions self-care. We love natural remedies, Ayurvedic massages that leave us smelling like pickle, and anything that gets us moving. 

Editorial policy

All the information on this site is purely editorial. All content is written in-house and features only people, places, items, and ideas that we love and believe in. If we don’t like something, we won't write about it. The Tonic content is not sponsored or paid-for unless clearly stated. On any occasion when the site works with a brand to bring you sponsored content, you will know. Paid or sponsored links will always be clearly identified. The site does, on occasion, receive a preferential rate or a free experience as part of the review process, but this in no way impacts our decision about coverage: things and experiences will only make it onto the site if we love them.