Fitrips at The Kumaon

Delhi’s proximity to the mountains means that we are, at a moment’s notice, able to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful mountainside in a matter of hours. Alright, it’s a fair few hours if you want to get to the more pristine bits but obviously worth it. A new venture is combining fresh air and fitness, starting with a long weekend in December that is part-escape and part-healthy getaway.

Led by a group of Crossfit instructors, expect plenty of outdoorsy extracurriculars like mountain trail cycling, treks, trail walks and runs, as well as functional training modules that employ tools like battle ropes. Besides the wide open spaces, the incredible mountain air, the activities on offer, and the fact that you will return stronger, well-nourished, well-rested and just better in every way, here’s three other highlights from Fitrips Kumaon retreat.

1.    The accommodation

You’ll be staying at The Kumaon, a property that is nothing short of spectacular. Designed by (award-winning) Sri Lankan architects Pradeep Kodikara (a disciple of Geoffrey Bawa) and his partner Jineshi Samaraweera, The Kumaon has the soul of a tropical modernist property, but is entirely at home in its mountainous surrounds. There’s a library, a sun lounge, and large windows everywhere which means that light soaks into everything, and guests see rolling forest views and peaks as far as the eyes can see.

Booty-building by day, boutique sleeps by night. Image by Akshay Sharma.

Booty-building by day, boutique sleeps by night. Image by Akshay Sharma.

2.    The food

Locally-grown, locally-sourced, wholesome and delicious. Low on diet dogma and focussing more on provenance and nutrition.

3.    The digital detox

Going phone-free for three days at home is a tough move. Going phone-free when surrounded by insane mountain views, a schedule of outdoorsy activity, and lots of similarly-minded fitness buds is a different deal altogether. You’ll be distracted from the urge to scroll with plenty of movement and activity, plus it takes place over a weekend, so you really can disconnect without worrying about work emergencies.

The cost is Rs 36,000, and if you book before November 20 you’ll get an early bird discount of 10% (bringing the trip total to Rs 33,000). The cost of the trip includes accommodation on a twin-sharing basis, three meals and all fitness activities, as well as travel from Delhi. You will need to pay for your own transfers to and from Delhi railway station though.

For more information, visit the Fitrips Facebook page, contact or ring +91-95822-71930.

Expect starry night skies. Image by Akshay Sharma.

Expect starry night skies. Image by Akshay Sharma.