Finish strong

I’m always being asked about my little black book of wellness practitioners, workouts, and therapists, and while I’m always on the lookout for new and fantastic studios and teachers, there are staples that I return to time and time again, the toolkit that is mine to use on a weekly basis. There’s no reason to wait till 2019 to treat your body the way that damn body deserves to be treated. Here’s 3 places in Delhi you might want to consider popping in at.

Try CrossFit Create

This CrossFit box is only four months old but it is so much fun. The guys who run it really know their shit and it is great for total noobs and experienced CrossFitters alike because every class has an even spread of people across abilities and strengths. I started going because I was struggling to make it to classes at my still-beloved Studio60 and then to work in time to actually do any, but it’s been a real find because their box is massive, great fun, and if you’re daunted by the ‘Crossfit’ badge, know that it is basically constantly-changing functional movements, aka the sort of real-life movements you’d be doing if you were, for instance, lifting heavy bags, or getting up off the floor, climbing stairs etc…. at high intensity obviously. A typical CrossFit class usually lasts about an hour (including warm-up and cool-down), but if you are, like me, used to hour-long HIIT classes, or 75-minute yoga classes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the actual WOD (workout of the day) typically lasts somewhere between 8 to 15 minutes. Basically don’t let its reputation deter you, CrossFit really is for everyone.
Find more information on pricing and schedules at their website.

Studio 60’s year-end deal

Working out actually became something I looked forward to (for real) at Studio 60, and I know I’m not alone in crediting this enthusiasm to them. The studio’s moved from their original location in Kailash Colony to a bigger, schmancier spot at The Manor in Friends Colony West, but the trainers are the same solid lot. I currently do personal training with Zoe and Rajiv both and I’ve seen my strength and agility get better and better via both these incredible humans, but can also highly recommend Arik and Amit’s classes, and actually… just the studio as a whole. Just for the end of the year they’ve got a deal going, so if you’ve been thinking of trying this studio, now’s the time.
Get unlimited group classes at INR 7200 down from 9k). Call or whatsapp them on +918826430674 to book a free trial.

BoxFit’s new branch

I actually stopped going to BoxFit (their GK branch is in my colony, under a five-minute walk from my front door) because of a wrist injury and also, I’ll be honest, because I was a little fed up with the incessant Instagramming pre- and post-workout. If you’re less reticent about sweaty selfies, there’s no denying that their classes are fast-paced and fun and that their instructors are a lovely bunch of guys. And if GK’s just too far for you, perhaps their brand-spanking-new branch in Vasant Vihar might work for you?
Find more information on pricing and schedules for both branches at their website.