Happy (re)new year

There’s some powerful new year energy in the air, and the first week of 2018 feels like the right time to ride that wave to good health. Any time is the right time begin laying the foundation for healthier patterns, of course, but once you’re done ringing in a fresh year from a crowded dancefloor, you mark the official end of the holidays, so now is as good a time as any return to your regularly scheduled programming (only better).


What: A healthy gut and fermentation workshop
When: Sunday, Jan 7th from 2-4pm
Where: Greenr Café in Delhi’s Shahpur Jat

Sisters Ariella and Rebekah Blank are behind a soon-to-launch kombucha and wellness brand named Atmosphere, and in the run-up to their launch they’re facilitating a series of health and wellness themed workshops around the capital. This is their first, and will be a two-parter. They’ll first address gut health and common gut-linked health issues as well as remedies, after which participants will be led through hands-on session in which they learn to make fermented foods (which they can then take home). You’ll also receive a little recipe book about fermented foods to take home and lots of free kombucha. 

To book your spot, sign up here or DM either @begreenr or @atmosphere.in on Instagram. The workshop is priced at Rs 899. (Banner image and event image both by Nandini Bansal)


What: Boxfit
When: Monday through Saturday every week.
Where: 81 Hemkunt Colony, Greater Kailash-I, Delhi

In case you missed it, boxing is huge. The discipline is drawing a growing number of devotees hooked by more than mere changes in their appearance, and by an increase in mental clarity and hand-eye coordination. A slew of Victoria’s Secret model fans hasn’t hurt either. If you want to give it a crack, there’s a basement gym in Hemkunt Colony where you can learn to duck and jab with the best of them. They’re kitted out with all the bags and gloves you need, and it’s a really intense, sweaty workout. Plus you get to punch stuff which is always a bonus in our book.

For more information on the schedule, on class timings and on prices, visit their Facebook page or call 0091.88001.34969.


What: Beyond Studio by Cindy Jourdain
When: Every day.
Where: 36 Mount Mary Road, next to Island Heights building, Bandra West, Mumbai.

I’d heard a lot about Cindy Jourdain, a ballerina-turned-trainer who is responsible for whipping a fair number of Bombay actors, models, stylists and general public into good shape, and at her new studio in Bandra West there’s a little something for everyone, from light cardio and HIIT to straight-up conditioning with kettlebells and weights and bodyweight and isometric exercises like push-ups, burpees and all those other bits. If you attend a class, there’s a sense of sweat‐as‐friendship that’s cool to see, from the people in attendance through to the trainers, who know everybody’s name. That same “all in this together” approach lends the whole affair a sense of community, and with offerings that span yoga, martial arts, cross-training, ballet and more, there is something for everybody. The Tonic attended one of the Cindy’s bootcamps, read about that here

For more information on the schedule, on class timings and on prices, visit their Facebook page or call 0091.98336.18640.