Seeds in Sand - Elder Island

On a loop at the moment is this five track EP from the Bristol trio Elder Island. A web of lovely multi-layered sounds, this will keep you going on a 21-minute run.

‘Key One’ has classic housey-dance vibes, with a slippy and dream-like quality that’s great for easing into it, while ‘Bamboo’ is beautiful, with mellow percussive elements that’ll prevent the “fuck it, let’s go home” from setting in (a big one for me). ‘Black Fur’ is full and richly instrumented, a little dance between verse and vibe, and the last two tracks will help tide you over until you’ve done a respectable twenty-minute run.

If you’re somewhere where your natural soundtrack is birdsong and rainfall, listen to that instead. But here in the city music makes it easier, more fun, and makes you feel weightless. It can’t be just me. Just don’t get run over (please).