Dharma Yoga Wheel

If you, like me, follow a buncha yogis on Instagram, you cannot have missed the Dharma Yoga Wheel, seen being used as a prop, support, or just a thing to coil around. Can you make your own? Maybe. If you’re crafty or have a crafty person on call, most likely. Can you just drop back in a backbend without it? Well, yes of course. But if you’re curious, and keen to strengthen and support your backbend practice (with a little bit of play added in for good measure) the wheel might be for you.

Choose from a basic sized wheel, a ‘mini’ (if you’re under five feet tall), and a ‘plus’ (if you’re over six feet tall or keen to explore deeper stretches). The most economical of the bunch is $60 (about Rs 4,000), and they’ve also got a more compact version for travel.

Used correctly it’ll help you open up your whole back, relax muscles (in the same manner as a deep yin yoga class), as well as help expand and stretch the chest, quadriceps, hip flexors and abdominal muscles.

Pick your wheel on the Dharma Yoga Wheel website here.