DIY party SOS

Hangover season now basically extends from just before Diwali until the end of the year. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s morning face that fills me with the most dread. Two quick remedies to administer yourself, no facial appointment required.

  • Fill a bowl or your bathroom sink with cold water, add ice cubes and then just dunk your face in and out ten times (or more, if you can bear it). Cold temperatures shrink capillaries and help de-puff, plus I guarantee you will be wide-awake and fresher-faced after.

  • Rub a little cream or oil onto your face and massage along the sides of your nose and underneath the eyes in a circular motion (not too hard). Sweep all the way to where the corner of your eye cheekbone and then swipe down in front of your ears to drain pooled fluid in your face. Welcome back cheekbones!

Have an incredible end to 2018, and thanks for reading.