Recovery mode

My brother in law got married last week.
Wedding week kicked off with a birthday celebration, then segued into multiple nights of “everybody’s here so let’s just gather (and, by implication, drink).” There was a cocktail party somewhere in there as well, before it all culminated in the actual wedding and reception. Oh wait, did I say culminated? There was another do after that to welcome the new bride to her second home. It was a lovely sunny day, and I found myself sipping an ill-advised series of wine, tequila, and gin, all after swearing that “Today I’m definitely not going to drink.”  And did I mention that it was my wedding anniversary the day after all that?

After six days of wedding festivities, and another for the anniversary, I am a wreck. To be fair, it’s not as bad as it would’ve been in years past, but I’m feeling several shades south of twinkly. Here’s a little cheat sheet of what to do to help sort out a long-suffering body (and brain) when you’ve been celebrating a little harder than usual.


Sweat early, if you can, to get it out the way. Go to a gentle yoga class if you’re feeling extra tender or if you can’t face the prospect of anything more vigorous, but it will, guaranteed, make you feel better after. Bonus points if you can get a massage, drink a litre of water, and then take a nap after. That’s the fastest track to feeling human again.


I’m adding some avocado into my standard green smoothie to make my everyday staple into a creamier, more stomach-soothing blend (and I rub the leftovers on my parched skin before rinsing off in the shower). It’s a nice way to start the day, and your stomach and your skin will thank you. Both of mine are still howling in indignation, but they’ll calm down after a day or two of this. Potassium also helps banish water retention—eat a banana.


Stay off sugar, ordered-in foods, and (this should go without saying) alcohol for at least a week to help your body reset. Make sure every meal includes some sort of lean protein and fibre, and if you’re genuinely not hungry and feeling too bilious to face food, just don’t eat until it abates. The breakfast smoothie should sort you out and intermittent fasting will help things calm down until you’re ready to face solids again. Drink water. Lots of water, and add in a hefty squeeze of lemon or lime to at least a couple of those glasses of water and get it down you.


I took a probiotic morning and evening through the week of festivities to help my stomach with the insane amounts I was eating and drinking. I also took a magnesium supplement at bedtime as a relaxing chill-assist to help me sleep better. Even if you didn't take these whilst on your bender, introducing them as you recover will help.


A lot. Your skin probably looks like shit as well thanks to too much alcohol and not enough sleep, so drink as much water as you can (it's so important it's worth mentioning twice), introduce lots of herbal tea, and sleep as long as your schedule will permit. If I don’t answer my phone over the next few days, now you know why.